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The Dictator is dedicated "In loving memory of Kim Jong-il."  That should pretty much prepare one for what's in store.
Like the deceased North Korean dictator (and many others of his sort in the past and present), Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) has little bite, no matter how loudly he barks (usually virulent words of racism, anti-Semitism, and sexism).  Early on, there's a scene in which Aladeen visits his country's central nuclear research facility (It's "for peaceful purposes," he tells an assembled crowd, unable to contain a fit of giggles at the blatancy of the lie).  With a lot of fanfare, the missile where the nuclear payload

“Battleship” is terrible by almost every standard used to measure the quality of a movie, but is it also ridiculously fucking entertaining. You can tell that this is director Peter Berg’s (“The Rundown”) chance to play with big boy toys—real life ships and giant robots from space—and you feel how giddy he is as he*takes each and every opportunity to live out a child’s dream on a grand scale. That glee runs throughout “Battleship”, and even as you groan about every questionable action and every line they give Liam Neeson in the film, it is infectious.
The most endearing thing about “Battleship” is that while it is one of the dumbest movies you’ll ever see outside of Saturday night on SyFy, it fully embraces that fact. Seriously, the catalyst for the entire plot is a microwave chicken burrito. No joke, that’s what jumpstarts the entire movie. Early on when Hopper (Channing Tatum lookalike Taylor Kitsch, “John Carter”) breaks into a convenience store to steal said chicken burrito for Sam (Brooklyn Decker), a girl he’s trying to pick up, and the them
The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers (2012)
So how do you pose a threat to a demigod, a supersoldier, a man in an indestructible metal suit and a hulking green juggernaut? Well, you really can’t. But with a surplus of loud explosions, massive battles, and limitless CG effects you can feign the right amount of adventure to appease fans of such monumental clashes between good and evil. The Avengers keeps the concepts simple enough, but piles on so much mayhem it can become wearisome to those not previously invested in its subjects and willing to readily believe in the delirious events transpiring on screen. If you’re not cheering by the time our gang of superheroes takes down a giant mechanical space worm, you probably knew a long time ago this movie wasn’t for you.

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